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Total Solutions Provider


We offer a wide range of freshly prepared dishes for a range of schools, trusts, academies and more. Our ongoing reviews and consultations with schools and students help us to develop menus that achieve a high uptake, whilst meeting and often exceeding the Government nutritional guidelines.

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We go beyond just cleaning. We want to ensure that your school is clean all year round by going beyond the simple cleaning services that everyone else offers. We offer a range of services that are flexible and tailored to you, through our dedicated and passionate team who are committed to ensuring a high level of cleanliness.

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Kitchen Facilities

As part of our catering contract, we will work in partnership with schools to help optimise their costs, and easily manage their repair and maintenance works. Facilities management for schools is a vital part of a school’s overall health and success, hence it is key to ensuring the success of a school system and its students, but it can be a huge undertaking.

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CI Support Services

CI stands for Continuous Improvement. We offer a Free-of-Charge support service to our customers, where we work in partnership with you to help optimise your costs. We have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience of how to optimise and reduce costs.

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