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Online Pre-Ordering & Cashless System

We offer an easy to use online pre-ordering and school payments system that makes meal selection a simple process.

Proving you easy access to a range of healthy food choices. 

In primary schools our pre-ordering system enables parents to pre-order their children’s favourite meals in advance, ensuring they have plenty of time to select their meal options.

Our system also enables us to offer bespoke menus for allergens and dietary requirements.

In secondary schools and other educational institutions our cashless system enables students to choose their meal or snack options at the counter and then pay using contactless at the till. A seamless solution that is popular and easy with high school students.

Primary Schools

We offer an easy-to-use online meal pre-ordering service for primary schools.

Pre-Order from Home

Orders can be placed online from home or via our online app. Orders can be taken up to 9.30am on any given day or as far in advance as a whole term. Orders can be placed on a Laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone, enabling parents to order at their convenience with their children at home.

Pre-Order in the Classroom

We enable schools to pre-order meals via the touchscreen smartboard in the classroom or the office.

Pre-Order on The Go

Orders can be placed via our online app whist on the go, enabling you to place an order up to 9.00am on any given day or as far in advance as a whole term, ensuring that you never forget to order a meal or enabling last minute changes.


  • Students receive their meal choice at the counter.
  • Select meal choices at your convenience.
  • Involve children in their favourite meal choices.
  • Access to ingredients listings, recipes, and nutritional analysis.
  • Order flexibility with cut off times up to the day of service.
  • Promotional activity and information direct to parents.


We are dedicated to ensuring that every child feels valued and included by providing a wide range of healthy food choices that cater to their specific needs. We understand that each child is unique, which is why we offer bespoke and individualised menus for those with special dietary requirements, of which we currently serve over 400 children!

Our online pre-order solution keeps children safe from allergens, by only displaying their individualised menu items. As students come to the counter, they will be served the meal allocated to them.