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CI Support Services

We offer a Free-of-Charge support service to all our customers, where we work in partnership with you to help optimise your costs. We have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience of how to optimise and reduce costs.

Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve all elements of an organization and rests on the belief that a steady stream of improvements, diligently executed, will have transformational results.

Examples of these savings include:

  • Reduction in waste costs at a local primary, saving circa. £1,200 per annum.
  • Reduction in water bills at a large secondary school, saving circa. £10,000 per annum.
  • Reduction in kitchen repair costs by 15%.
  • Optimisation of school printing, saving circa. £4,000 per annum.
  • Optimisation of cleaning consumable costs, saving circa. £500 per annum.
  • Replacement of electrical heaters, resulting in a reduction of energy consumption by 50%.

As a Catering, Cleaning or Catering & Cleaning Customer, our dedicated team will work with you to optimise your costs and deliver real savings.

We are true Total Solutions Provider.