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Kitchen Facilities

As part of our catering contract, we will work in partnership with schools to help optimise their costs, and easily manage their repair and maintenance works.

Facilities management for schools is a vital part of a school’s overall health and success, hence it is key to ensuring the success of a school system and its students, but it can be a huge undertaking. Keeping kitchens and schools working optimally takes a lot of work, and even more planning. It’s a complex job with a lot of moving parts.

We help schools to streamline their facilities requirements, which comes as standard with a catering contract.

Our services include:

  • Kitchen appliance repairs
  • Kitchen appliance replacement
  • Kitchen extraction cleaning
  • Gas safety
  • Refrigeration
  • Minor projects

Our service provides numerous benefits:

  • Reduce time obtaining quotes
  • Reduce time managing different trades
  • Obtain savings by utilizing our supply chain
  • Easily log issues and plan works
  • Prolong the life of your assets

We believe that school facilities management directly impacts the learning experience; and a well-run, well-maintained facility promotes a learning environment where teachers can teach, and students can learn free of distractions.

Let us help you streamline your facilities requirements.