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Our Food & Menus

We use fresh and local ingredients, wherever possible so that our Chefs can cook from scratch every day to ensure tasty homestyle meals .

We can offer a range of fresh salads, vegetables and bread daily. Our salad bar is popular with students, and we find that children love to choose their own salads and vegetables to eat. There is always a roast day every week, usually a Wednesday, and we provide a meat-free choice every day.

Fresh fruit is always available as an alternative to the dessert and often, yoghurt features as a choice too.

We work with teachers and students to ensure a fresh range of dishes for each new menu cycle, and hold taster days to gain feedback about future products and menu choices.

Our approach also gives you the flexibility to tailor menus, provide buffets and cater for events with ease.

Healthy School Meals Benefits and Nutrition

Most parents would like to see their children enjoying healthy school meals as there are obviously several recognised benefits.

What are the Benefits?

Research shows that a regular healthy school meal contributes to enabling children cope better with the physical and mental demands of a school day.

  • Assurance that a two-course healthy school meal is well balanced and meets the strictest nutritional standards required for good health.
  • Research shows that a regular, hot, school lunch will help children cope better with the physical and mental demands of a school day.
  • Eating together with other children will help to develop social skills essential in later life
  • A tasty and varied menu enables children to try new dishes and experience new tastes.
  • Safety in the knowledge that the meals are prepared in a ‘home made’ style using fresh ingredients.
  • Knowing that the food is served by helpful and friendly staff who will encourage children to take a nutritious meal.
  • Peace of mind knowing that the food served is of good quality and the hygiene standards are high.
  • A two-course school meal provides good value for money.
  • No packed lunch to buy, prepare and keep fresh.

Exceptional Standards

The School Lunch Company school meals service works closely with schools to raise standards in the following ways:

  • Developing exceptional meals and that allow your children to enjoy healthy food and maintain a balanced diet.
  • Ensuring that School Catering Staff are trained in food hygiene, health and safety, culinary skills and nutrition.
  • Sourcing food from reputable local suppliers and improving links between producers and schools.
  • Working in partnership with schools to improve nutritional education.
  • Consulting with schools and students to improve the existing levels of school meal provision.